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Funds are designed to help patients and family members who, after a thorough investigation of other resources, are unable to meet medical expenses that are causing a financial burden.

Priority is placed on applications who have not received any other financial assistance but Lean On Me Lakeshore will do it’s best to provide a helping hand to all families in need. Lean On Me Lakeshore is not able to fulfill every request. While Lean On Me Lakeshore attempts to meet as many needs as possible, some applications may be approved for a grant that is lower than the requested amount, while others may be denied. Much depends on the availability of funds. You may be contacted by a Lean On Me Lakeshore board member for further discussion about your application.

Application processing normally takes 30 days. A response letter and the type of assistance granted (gift care, chamber bucks, or written explanation of how you were assisted through a third party) will be mailed to you approximately 45 days after we receive your application and all required documentation. Applications expire after 1 year – date stamped received in office.

Apply for Assistance: Welcome
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